Newborn: Asher

Back in February, you may remember that I had the privilege of doing a maternity shoot with Matt and Tamara a few months before their little guy arrived. Tamara texted me earlier this week and said, “He’s finally here!” I was beyond excited to get her text, knowing that she wanted me to come take newborn photos ASAP. He was just eight days old when I got to meet him, the perfect age for super photos.

When I arrived at their house, I couldn’t believe how adorable and tiny he was. I kept looking at Asher and then back at Tamara and saying, “I can’t believe how CUTE he is! And you have a BABY!” It was probably obnoxious after awhile, but I just couldn’t believe it! Having known the couple for a few years it has been so cool to see how their relationship has developed every step of the way. Matt and Tamara were my first engagement photo shoot, then I’ve done their maternity photos, and now I’ve photographed their little boy. I love being able to share in some of my clients’ biggest moments in life, it’s one of the greatest honors that I get as a photographer. I LOVE my job!


Asher was the perfect model for me. He was awake enough for some great family shots, and sleepy enough for some adorable drowsy shots. Additionally, Matt and Tamara often have great ideas for their shoots and I’m always thrilled with how they turn out. They asked for a photo of Asher with their two dogs, Thiessen and Foreman. Matt and Tamara were great at keeping the area safe by sitting right outside my camera’s view but within reach. Matt got both dogs nice and still, and we got some great shots of Asher with the pups. Another idea was to put Asher in Matt’s Army hat and also to take pictures of the boys with Matt in uniform. I think you’ll agree-SO precious.

You’ll see one of my favorite moments from the shoot pictured below. I asked Matt to hold Asher out from his body and look at him. Being the perfect model, like I said, Asher stretched out his little arms and scrunched up his face…and Matt’s face broke into a huge grin. I couldn’t help but smile from behind the camera.

What a beautiful family.

Congrats Matt and Tamara!

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