A Glimpse at Micah and Emily’s Wedding

Emily and Micah got married in the Biddle Mansion at the Tarrytown Estate in New York almost a week ago. It was a very intimate wedding with close friends and family in attendance.

The venue was absolutely gorgeous. The bride was absolutely beautiful. What more could a photographer ask for?


I arrived a bit before the ceremony to document everyone getting ready, the couple’s first look, and to photograph most of the posed photos. After the ladies got ready, Emily headed downstairs to see Micah for the first time. I got to watch and photograph from the best spot. Over one shoulder, I could see Emily’s giddy smile as she stood around the corner at the top of the stairs. Over my other shoulder, I could see Micah anxiously waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Neither of them could see each other just yet…but I could see both. Once Emily descended the stairs…well, ya know…the whole thing was priceless. We did photos of the couple outside next. It was freezing out, but I’m so glad they were such troopers for me…we got some great shots from it. The rest of the guests arrived soon after and we did photos of all of the families and friends before the ceremony.

For their reception, Emily and Micah decided to have a sit down family-style dinner with their guests. I loved watching everyone connect and celebrate around the table together. Partway through dinner, the couple and I snuck out to snag some shots of them at sunset (I’m saving those to share at a later date, this IS a sneak peek after all). They departed in a cloud of bubbles after many hugs, kisses, and goodbyes.

Congratulations Micah and Emily!

*Note: please click on any images below to see them larger.

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