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What to wear:

If you need help figuring out what to wear for a shoot, here are a few tips:

For two or more people…
-A mix of solid colors with patterns can look really nice! Or, try out solid colored clothing with patterned accessories (i.e. patterned scarves, patterned shirts under solid colored sweaters, etc.). A whole group of people all in patterns becomes too busy and distracts from the faces.
-Unless you really love matching (i.e. everyone in white shirts/jeans or khakis), try to select a few colors that compliment one another or go well together (i.e. yellows/purples, oranges/blues, greens/purples, yellows/blues/whites, magenta/navy, etc.).
-Don’t wear anything with branding or logos.
-If your shoot is outside, remember to dress appropriately for the weather! I recommend dressing in layers.

For individuals…
-Pick an outfit that you feel confident and relaxed in. Got a favorite dress? Wear it! Love your converse sneaks? Wear ’em!
-Can’t pick between your favorites? Talk to me! We can do a shoot that allows you to change halfway.

For newborns…
-Some parents like their baby’s photos nude or in a diaper. Otherwise, pick a favorite outfit or two.
-Feel free to bring any favorite toys, blankets, little shoes, hats, headbands, etc.

For maternity…
-A pregnant mama usually photographs best with clothing that will hug her baby belly. I suggest avoiding wearing black dresses/shirts/sweaters, as black can make it hard to see the baby belly. Otherwise, follow the tips for “two or more people” and “individuals” as listed above.
-Bring any baby shoes, ultrasounds, etc. that you might want to have incorporated into the photo shoot.

When in doubt…talk it out! In a panic about what to wear? Relax, and give me a call!

For each type of session, I can make suggestions for locations, but I am happy to work with clients to find locations that appeal to them!

Got Questions?
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