If you’ve gotten engaged and are starting the seemingly daunting task of hunting for a photographer…first off, congratulations! From attending weddings, being in weddings, getting married myself, and photographing them, I know that weddings can definitely be stressful and it feels like there are a million things to get done before the day comes. BUT, I also know that they’re so exciting, tons of fun, and ultimately result in getting to spend the rest of your life with the person that you love. What’s better than that?

I’d love to connect with you, get to know you and your significant other, and hear more about your big day! Send me an e-mail or schedule an engagement shoot to see how I work and so that we can get to know each other better.

When I receive your inquiry, I’ll request a few wedding details (date, number of guests, size of bridal party, location, reception info, etc.). If my services seem to be compatible with the your needs, I will provide you with a price estimate within 24 hours of receiving wedding details.