Engagement: Kate & Alex

Snow can be a hassle. Snow can be dangerous. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s hard to drive in. It can also ruin a photo shoot…

OR it can create the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous engagement session…which is exactly what happened with Kate and Alex. The Saturday that Kate and Alex were scheduled to have their session with me, there was a huge snowstorm. The morning of the shoot, Kate and I agreed that we felt safe enough to drive in the snow and decided to go ahead with our plans. We met at the Supply Pond in Branford, a location that I discussed and selected for its simple wooded backdrop. From there, we decided to brave the snow some more with a couple photos by the water in Stony Creek. The snow provided a great atmosphere for the shoot and allowed the couple to really shine in the photos.

Kate and Alex were, of course, SO much fun to photograph. The two were just gushing with love and excitement about getting married. I am so happy for my friend and her future husband.

Congratulations Kate and Alex! Enjoy!

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