Family Photography: Asher turns 1!

Whenever I photograph Matt and Tamara…and now Mr. Asher too, I ALWAYS talk about how much I’ve loved watching their relationship grow every step of the way. Matt and Tamara were my first engagement photo shoot, I did their maternity photos, and Asher’s newborn shoot. This time around? Their little guy turned 1………?!?!?! How’d that happen?

Just for fun…let’s review the progression…

Tamara asked if I’d like to do photos around Asher’s first birthday and I eagerly replied, “I vote yes. Yes yes yes.” As we worked the details out, it ended up being that I was going to photograph Asher’s first haircut-an idea that I wish I could take credit for. Matt, Asher’s daddy, was actually the one with the idea…AND he picked out the (wonderfully coordinated) outfits-I think he’s becoming a photo shoot pro.


I met up with Matt, Tamara, and Asher at “Shear Perfection” in Middletown where we were quickly joined by both of Asher’s grandmothers. From there, everything went better than I could’ve imagined. We took pre-haircut family photos and photos with the grandmothers, and then got right to the haircut. Joe (the owner) was so great with Asher, and Asher was pretty much perfect anyways. He sat still, smiled, made funny faces-and everything he did was completely adorable. Look at the photos and see if you agree. SO. CUTE.

We snapped a few photos post-haircut too, and with that-we finished! It was fast, easy, and SO much fun.

Matt and Tamara, it was so nice to see you guys and photograph you three. I’ll say it for the millionth time-I couldn’t ask for better clients. You guys are awesome! Enjoy!

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