Portraits: Kate

Now that Christmas is over, I get to share several photoshoots that had been kept in hiding. First up, my gorgeous sister Kate!

Kate019Back around Thanksgiving, I got to take Kate and my sister Elizabeth to a favorite trail in Stony Creek for a portrait session. Kate and her husband Nick will soon be welcoming their fourth kiddo in January. During this wonderfully chaotic and exciting stage of marriage, it’s hard to take time for themselves. With that in mind, Kate decided that she’d like to get some photos taken as a Christmas present for Nick.

Initially, she was super nervous; like most of my clients, she hates getting her picture taken. With Elizabeth’s assistance, Kate quickly relaxed and we were able to have a blast capturing her true personality.

If you haven’t met Kate, you’ll notice that she and I look very alike. I promise we aren’t twins! Just super cool-lookin’ sisters.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.36.06 PM

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