Newborn: Emma Grace (&co)

Time to start sharing some recent work! I’ve been posting sneak peeks on Facebook now and then, but today I’m sharing the rest of my favorites from Emma Grace’s newborn shoot.

Meet Geoff, Kate, little Maya, and their newest addition-itty bitty Emma. And I guess I should introduce Hannah (aka Aunt Hannah or “Handy” as Maya used to call her).

Kate and Geoff went to my church when I was still in middle school or early high school…early enough that I can hardly remember how long ago it was. Kate helped me choose to study at UConn by answering some questions about their campus ministries. She also mentioned that her sister Hannah was currently studying at UConn and that I could ask Hannah questions as well. I finally met Hannah when I was a freshman and we have been very close friends for three years.  Now, as I think back, it’s so strange to think that I knew Hannah’s brother-in-law before I knew her!

Emma Grace & co109

I loved having a friend along to help. Hannah was a wonderful assistant, but the whole family was easy to work with anyways. Screen door in the way? Geoff,”I can just take it off! No problem, we were gonna paint it anyways! It’ll take two minutes.” Yes, he took a door down for the photos. I was so impressed. And, yes, it did only take him literally two minutes. Kate was wonderful at keeping Emma calm and getting Maya excited for photos. Hannah played fashion consultant, makeup artist, backdrop holder, and aunt extraordinaire. The whole shoot was definitely a team effort!

The day ended with photos of Aunt Hannah and her two nieces, followed by pizza.

Kate, Geoff, and Maya-congratulations on the arrival of your new little princess!