Happy Spring(ish)!

As Spring has slowly begun, I’ve been snapping photos of my everyday life even more often than usual. On the warmer days, I’ve had the chance to break out my favorite sandals (Birkenstocks that I wear 95% of the summer), take my nieces and nephew to the park, roast  s’mores, and walk my Lucy girl.

On the colder days, I’ve gotten to do things like plant terrariums, visit friends, and work on my pretty pretty iMac. Even when it’s cold out I’ve insisted on trying to wear shorts. I ventured out on Sunday in some great J.Crew patterned shorts, and ended up feeling like I was about to freeze my legs off.

At least it’s warm enough to start taking my clients outside for pictures! In a few weeks, I think it’ll get warm enough to take all of my photos outside for longer periods of time. In the meantime, the chilliness has made for some good laughs when I’ve taken clients into the elements and let them watch me shiver and whine behind the camera. Hope you are all finding ways to enjoy this variable New England Spring weather too!

*As always, please click on any photo to enlarge.