Happy First Day of School!

I am spending the weekend visiting my sister Kate and her family up in the mountains of New Hampshire. She has two little ones headed off to school this week for the very first time-a perfect excuse for Aunt Bekah to break out the camera. Kate’s a little bit sad to see her kiddos growing up so fast, and truth be told (even as their aunt), I am too. Amelia is going to be headed off to Preschool and Noah will be starting Kindergarten. Both kids can’t wait for the first day. Baby brother David, on the other hand, is just excited to have Mommy to himself.


After spending a little bit too much time trying to get Amelia’s pigtails even and many futile attempts at writing perfectly on chalkboards, I ventured outside with the kids. Since they’re genuinely excited for school, it was easy to get them smiling. As I took pictures, Amelia and Noah chattered about what they are looking forward to this school year. Amelia’s pretty psyched about “packing up.” My guess is that she just really loves her new pink backpack. Noah is psyched for “EVERYTHING!” David…well, he just enjoys photo-bombing.

Happy first day of school to all you Mommas, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college (ers?)! Hope it’s fantastic!