Maternity: Lindsay & Joel

I often talk about how much I love doing maternity and newborn photo shoots…I probably talk about it a little too much, actually. Well, my maternity session with Lindsay and Joel was no exception; I loved this shoot!

Lindsay and I had been texting and bouncing ideas off of each other for weeks before the session. As the photographer, it’s so much fun for me when my clients are as excited for their session as I am.


These two exude excitement as they anticipate the arrival of their first baby. We spent a nice sunlit evening just wandering around Stony Creek capturing their joy and Lindsay’s adorable bump.

Soon after this little one arrives, we’ll be doing a newborn shoot at Lindsay and Joel’s home. In the meantime, Lindsay and I are patiently(ish?) gathering props and getting ready for an awesome session. Can’t wait!

Congrats you two!

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