Engagement: Kate & Nate

Kate and Nate were a blast to photograph.

They’re both very active and enjoy spending time outdoors together, so they chose to have their photos done at Wickham Park in Manchester, CT. Although I had never been to Wickham Park, the pictures I had found online were enough to get me excited. When I drove into the park, however, my jaw dropped; the place was HUGE with tons of beautiful spots for photos. Kate and Nate had been to the park many times before, so they helped me pick spots that they especially liked.

To start, the view of Hartford served as a great backdrop. Next, we wandered through the trees to a huge weeping willow (I LOVED the photos we got from there). Throughout the rest of the shoot, we found swings, bridges, trees to climb, ponds…it was fantastic.


Kate and Nate, thanks for being so energetic and fun to photograph. I had a great time hanging with you guys and I can’t wait to share the rest of your photos with you! Congrats you two!

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