Family: AnaMaria & Angelise

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of photographing AnaMaria and Angelise at Chaffinch Island in Guilford, CT.

We had originally planned to have the photo shoot on a Thursday morning, but our plans were thwarted by a torrential downpour. I’d NEVER had to cancel a shoot due to weather until that morning. Such a disappointment! I guess when the forecast says 0% chance of rain…expect a ton of thunder and rain! AnaMaria and Angelise were very flexible and gracious about needing to cancel, so we scheduled the shoot for the next morning.


This time, the weather was windy but perfect otherwise. These two sisters were a lot of fun to work with and made my job EASY; they were enthusiastic, willing to do whatever I asked them to do, AND as an added bonus they have great taste in clothing so they picked perfect outfits for the shoot.

Thanks for being such awesome clients ladies!


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