New Site Address & Saturday’s Wedding

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Very exciting news for y’all! Well, it’s exciting to me. My website’s address has now been shortened to:

Did you already refer someone else to the old website address? Don’t worry, I did too…many times. Lucky for us, if anyone types in the old one, they’ll automatically be sent to the right place.

It’s the same exact website, but way easier to remember and to find.

Also…been waiting to hear about the wedding?

Many of you have texted, called, e-mailed, or asked me in person about how the wedding went on Saturday. First off, thank you all for your investment and support! I love knowing that I have tons of friends and family rooting for me. I feel very blessed to have so much support. You’re all such a huge encouragement to me, thank you!

The wedding went very very well. The family was tons of fun to work with, the photos came out great, and the wedding itself was lovely. Now, I have to sift through all of the photos and assemble albums for the family. I’ll post more of a sneak peak in a few days to tide you over until I’m ready to share more. : )

2 thoughts on “New Site Address & Saturday’s Wedding

  1. I got your email this morning and immediately linked to the site. I was surprised to see TJ jumping waves instead of E on the couch. Looking forward to summer beach times. Nice wedding pic too.


  2. Wonderful job Bekah. Can’t wait to see more pictures. I am getting a lot of nice compliments on the photography from my facebook post 🙂

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