Engagement: Brian and Taryn

The weather’s starting to warm up and I couldn’t be happier about it. Did you get tired of snow? Yeah, me too.

Well, a few a weeks ago-before the weather warmed up and the ground was recovering from all of the melting snow…I went on adventure with my dear friend Taryn and her fiancé Brian. Although I guess I could consider any of my shoots adventures (they’re fun and take place with cool people and pretty locations-adventures!) this particular shoot was more of an adventure than any of us expected.

Long story short…

Good idea: parking by a beautiful hill to take beautiful photos.

Bad idea: parking by a beautiful hill in a ton of mud to take beautiful photos.

Good or bad idea: parking my SUBARU (instead of the Camry) by a beautiful hill in a ton of mud?


I’ll never know the answer to that question because I’m never parking so stupidly ever again…even if I’m driving my Subaru. Yes, I got the car stuck. No, it didn’t ruin the shoot…just required lots of patience and improvisation. I take 100% of the blame for this one. Worst part was, the tow guy that AAA sent me was able to rock it out of the mud first try. That’s why I’m a photographer not a driver…learned a lot that day!

Taryn and Brian laughed with me and we all agreed it’d make for a good story. I’m pretty sure I told them not to tell anyone about it, yet here I am…

The two of them met at UConn and had their first date at the Dairy Bar, so we walked around Horsebarn Hill, down to the Dairy Bar, and (once the car was unstuck) drove over to Mirror Lake. Such fun!

Congrats Taryn and Brian! Enjoy!

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